Welcome to our Practice

The Elizabeth Street Physio Experience

Thorough assessment, comprehensive treatment, advice and preventative rehabilitation at every visit.
At Elizabeth Street Physiotherapy you will be greeted by a team who enjoy providing a warm, welcoming and friendly experience.

  • Booking - No Referral Required

    A Doctors referral is not required for treatment at Elizabeth Street Physiotherapy please bring this along to your first visit. If you have been referred by a Doctor, Specialist, Coach, Trainer, or Human Resources personnel and you have a letter please bring this along to your first visit. Our Physiotherapists ensure that all referrers are kept in close contact and are aware of your progress and prognosis with you prior approval.

    For those patients who are considering or have lodged Work Cover, TAC or DVA Claims, please let our Reception Staff know at the time of your booking on  (03) 9670 3996 and we will guide you through the process.

    For all other Private Patients we are ready to make your appointment so please call  (03) 9670 3996.

  • Test Results

    If you have recent, relevant X-rays, MRI, CT Scans or other recent test results, please bring these to your first appointment. We have viewing equipment which can assist us with assessment and diagnosis and the explanation to you of your condition.

  • Reception

    Margaret, Amanda and Emma at reception have a wealth of experience with Amanda starting with the practice 22 years ago and Margaret 16 years ago. Your needs and requirements will be understood by our reception staff. They will assist you with necessary documentation, making appointments, processing payments and understanding your time commitments and specific concerns.

  • Assessment

    All visits to Elizabeth Street Physiotherapy include assessment, treatment, appropriate advice and exercise at each visit. We look for and find your specific problem and explain to you our diagnosis. We will listen to your explanation of your injury and will seek out the best diagnosis and approach. We ensure that you have a clear understanding of your injury, often using our models and diagrams.

  • Treatment

    Our Physiotherapists and Manipulative Physiotherapists will provide you with a detailed and specific plan for your recovery including set goals and a time frame for recovery. You will be given a good understanding of your problem by our Physios. We know a clear understanding leads to a better faster and sustainable recovery. Be assured that the treatments you are given will be the most relevant and up to date and specific to your problem.

  • Video Exercises

    To assist in your treatment at home, work or by the sports field/track we have a list of individual exercises that you may be directed to which are found on this website.

  • Clothing

    Our Practice respects your privacy and provides you with clean gowns and shorts, so no specific clothing is required to attend our Physiotherapy appointments.

    For our Clinical Pilates Program or Rehabilitation gym sessions comfortable clothing such as T-Shirts, shorts and runners are required. We are happy to store these for you between sessions.

  • Claims and Payments

    We accept and treat WorkCover, Transport Accident and Veteran Affairs patients. If you do have a claim or are in the process of marking a claim then we will require details of claim numbers, contact persons and any other relevant documentation. Please note that Elizabeth Street Physiotherapy requires payment of services rendered until the claim has been accepted or the excess has been reached.

    We accept most credit cards with the exception of Diners Club and can make on the spot claims using our HICAPS system if you have private health insurance with extras.

  • Tips

    You also may be navigated to our website’s “Physio Tips” section for advice on ergonomic set-up, sports injury first aid, pillow selection, travel advice amongst others.

  • Questions

    Please feel free to call us on (03) 9670 3996 or email us on info@elizabethphysio.com.au should you have any further queries..