Massage is a critical component in our complete care of your problem. At Elizabeth Street Physiotherapy we use it extensively in our treatments and it is also available as a half hour or one hour session.

We provide you with a quality massage service combined with the expert knowledge.

Massage at Elizabeth Street Physiotherapy is an effective treatment to

  • Relax painful and tightened muscles due to poor posture and over activation in particular around neck, shoulder blades, lower back, buttock
  • Release and relax tight and tender structures due to overuse or injury such as the hamstrings, quadriceps, calf, iliotibial band and plantar fascia
  • Improve circulation to injured soft tissue to encourage and improve healing times
  • Loosen tightened, thickened and adherent soft tissue or scar tissue resulting from a pull, tear, bruising or inflammation
  • And last but not least to prepare the body for increased activity such as before playing sport or a long day at work.



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